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  • Welcome To Tanglewood Pharmacy

    Welcome To Tanglewood Pharmacy

    Caring For You Personally

  • We Make Custom Medication to Fit Your Needs

    We Make Custom Medication to Fit Your Needs

    As a compounding pharmacy, we're experts at crafting medication to suit your individual needs.

  • We Provide Compounding Services for Your Pets

    We Provide Compounding Services for Your Pets

    We customize medication to the needs of your pets. Learn more about veterinary compounding.

  • Vaccinations and Immunizations

    Vaccinations and Immunizations

    We believe preventing illness is as important as treating it. We offer flu, pneumonia, pertussis, meningitis and shingles vaccinations.

  • Yes - We Deliver

    Yes - We Deliver

    We make life easier by delivering your medication to your door. We also provide emergency care for our patients. Contact us to learn more.

  • Tanglewood Medical Supplies

    Tanglewood Medical Supplies

    We have the most extensive supply of home medical supplies in the Cross Timbers area! Visit the Tanglewood Medical Supplies website to learn more.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Care

    24-Hour Emergency Care

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We Do More Than Just Fill Prescriptions

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Tanglewood is your pharmacy home, where we care for you personally and provide cost effective pharmacy care. Whether you come to us for custom compounding prescription medications, or over the counter health care needs, we can provide the product and discuss with you the appropriate use and answer any questions you may have. We are proud to be a knowledgeable provider of healthcare solutions for the Cross Timbers area.