Our Specialities

Compounding is the creation of a particular pharmaceutical product to fit the unqiue need of a patient.

What Tanglewood has to offer:

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (for men and women) - Restoring hormone balance can greatly improve your health and well being. We can provide many different dosage forms for your choosing.
  • Pain control - We can combine several ingredients together to reduce the amount of pills you have to take. This may also improve the effectiveness of some ingredients
  • Hospice - We can tailor make creams, gels, or solutions to make the final days as comfortable and calm as possible. No situation is too difficult for us to solve!
  • Dermatology - Ask about our custom compounds for acne, wrinkles, rashes and more!
  • E.N.T (Ear, nose, and throat) - Hate to take pills when all you need to treat is a sinus infection? We have options available for your convenience to use on just the problem area only.
  • Veterinary - Pets need meds too! Keeping all your family members healthy is easy with our flavored liquids and capsules, specifically designed for animals.

Compounding Library

Learn detailed information about all forms of compounding and what they can do for you.